Clarity first. 

Power, strength, excitement - the physical sensations we get from being active. Fun, freedom, flow - the emotion we take, be it from a perfect carving turn or a roadbike ride. Solitude, peace and fresh air, that we only find in the mountains. We are what we do - and this is why we are here in the first place.  

TYPS is a brand platform where we develop sports and lifestyle brands with distinctive value to the consumer.

Discipline in values.  

5 fundamental principles are the foundation of how we do business.

  1. The TYPS business model is predictable and reliable to our owners, investors, employees, suppliers and customers. TYPS delivers solid and stable increase to equity.
  2. TYPS embraces technology as a means to constantly improve business and product.
  3. TYPS is rooted deeply in alpine culture and history, and understands itself as a meaningful contributor to the alpine future.
  4. TYPS believes in simplicity as a design ideal. We know we can make business a lot simpler and more inclusive than the status quo. Fewer products, better technology, better looks, leaner structures, simpler ways.
  5. TYPS is independent. We foster personal freedom, autonomy and humility. 

Vertically integrated sports. 

TYPS is a vertically integrated business in specialty sporting equipment. We develop, design, manufacture, tune, rent, and sell alpine skis. We service, rent, and re-sell luges.

The core: PRODUCT. 

Our core competences are built around product and brand: our in-house capacities are in product design, product management and product development. Our small team currently consists of 5 people with backgrounds in industrial design, product engineering, mechanics, plastic engineering and graphic design.

Sales Austria.

On an operational level, we have one full-time sales rep and our head of finance and controlling. TYPS sales currently serve around 300 sports specialty retailers in Austria with one or several of our brands.

Salzburg Store. 

Our Salzburg store is home to KANTE SCHARF and ORIGINAL+ and open to consumers to shop and service winter sports equipment. The store is also selling brands like SWIX waxes and BACHMANN luges. It's our brand hub, nucleus and most important learning platform. In Salzburg, we are equipped with a state-of-the-art ski service facility at a capacity to tune 30.000 pairs of skis annually. Salzburg also is home to our office headquarters, as well as our fully-equipped research laboratory.

Ski Manufacturing. 

All ski manufacturing is in the Hohe Tauern region in south-western Salzburg.

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). 

A central part of TYPS is the IT backbone, specifically with the A.I. that is being used in ORIGINAL+ skis. We execute a strategy of using SAASs and cloud-based microservices, with ownership only in the proprietary software modules for our ORIGINAL+ A.I..