With the ORIGINAL+ ski brand, we develop a completely new product and process of product customization. Through the use of A.I. (artificial intelligence), we are developing a method to deeply understand and learn the interplay of physical product properties (e.g. ski geometry, ski flex, etc.) and consumer biometrics (e.g. anthropometrics, skiing styles). We can develop a clear understanding of what each individual needs as the perfect ski, and then build it accordingly. 


The essential difference to all existing solutions can be broken down to two benefits:

  1. Our process is - benefitting from A.I. - highly reproducible and scalable. Which is good for us (think: mass customization), and the consumer (think: attractive product pricing and excellent product value).
  2. Our process - again through use of A.I. - is constantly evolving and learning.

We are greatly thankful for the ORIGINAL+ development being supported by the following institutions: 

AWS - Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH


ORIGINAL+ is supported by the program "aws impulse XL" by BMWFW, Austrias Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy.





ORIGINAL+ is a member of Startup Salzburg Factory. This incubation program supports innovative, Salzburg-based startups with market maturity.