The rule of 10.000. 

Some say it takes 1.000, or even 10.000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.

Who knows? In his excellent interview "On Guitars", Mark Knopfler talks about what made him the musician he is. We think it that way: if we are able to build skis, tune them and present them with the same depth and mastery as Knopfler plays his guitar, we're onto something. For us, and for you.

Thinking snow. 

TYPS stands for "take your pleasure seriously", a claim accredited to another famous artist, designer Charles Eames. To Siegfried Rumpfhuber, principal owner of TYPS GmbH, skiing is what guitars are to Mark Knopfler and design is to Charles Eames: a lifelong passion, with blurring lines between profession, hobby and physical skills. 

10 years: Fischer & Kästle. 

After a semi-professional career in collegiate and FIS ski racing, he landed his first job at his ski supplier Fischer Sports. The next professional step was resurrecting Kästle, the legendary, then dormant ski brand. As CEO of Kästle, he was responsible for the successful brand relaunch and comeback of the storied brand.

Don't follow tracks - make your own.

Rumpfhuber left Kästle in 2014 to take a year off. A lot of the this time involved skiing (the Alps, Alaska & Iceland), and tinkering deeply about the next step. The professional outcome of that year, and the 1.000 to 10.000 hours before, is TYPS GmbH. Read on here, what defines this company.